Palm Beach County

African American Oral History Project

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Elizabeth Stubbs-Munnings was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, in 1926. She became a teacher for the Palm Beach County school district and taught throughout the county. In addition, Ms. Munnings held school administrative positions, such as assistant principal and dean of students. She saw how racism still permeated the integrated schools. During one year of her tenure as assistant principal, she was assigned a closet with no windows as an office. After her years as an educator, she became part of a group called “Save Our Neighborhood.” This group gathered data of the Northwest’s historical value as a neighborhood, and Ms. Munnings went to Tallahassee to present the neighborhood’s value. This information went all the way to Washington, and the neighborhood became the Northwest Historic District. Ms. Munnings was one of the first members of the West Palm Beach Historic Committee.