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Art After Dark | What's the Story? | Sunset Lounge | Northwest District | West Palm Beach

Featuring Alisha R. Winn, Ph.D., Applied Cultural Anthropologist, on the Sunset Lounge and the historic Northwest District of West Palm Beach. The Norton marks its 80th year anniversary in 2021! What’s the Story? invites neighboring cultural and community organizations to mark the occasion by sharing distinguished histories and what’s ahead. Audiences are invited to join the conversation and ask questions using the Live Chat features on YouTube and Facebook. This program is presented as part of Art After Dark and the Norton’s Celebrating Black Florida series taking place throughout the month of June 2021.

Through the Screen: A Virtual Education from Our Elders to A New Generation. June 2021. African and African American Summer Institute.

Through the Screen: Our Elders to A New Generation. African and African American Summer Institute

For this presentation, the project director, Dr. Alisha Winn describes the Palm Beach County African American Oral History Virtual Pilot Project, the importance of the use of non-traditional, non-western methods rooted in Afrocentric perspectives, reimagining education during the pandemic and youth empowerment, and their transformation of becoming knowledge holders of Black history and culture.

Alisha R. Winn, PhD, Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies | Palm Beach Atlantic University

Community Engagement and Research Presentation of Work in the Historic Northwest District. CRA Work Session to the CRA Board Presentation of Work – December 7, 2020

Association of Black Anthropologists Roundtable Discussion of Applied/Practicing Anthropology Panelist, November 4, 2020

Memorializing and Identifying Sacred Grounds with Student Experiences, African and African American Summer Institute, June, 2020

Historic Northwest Business Association – Historic Northwest District Black Business Fact by Alisha R. Winn, Ph.D. Applied Cultural Anthropologist Consultant & Independent Scholar speaks on and we celebrate. In August 2019, Dr. Winn narrated the Progressive Northwest Business Association’s – Historic Northwest District Black Business Fact Series, celebrating three of Black entrepreneurs, Cracker Johnson, Carl Robinson, and Folia Stuckey. (August 24, 2019).  James “Cracker” Johnson:


Stellar Marketing Pro’s Weekly Live w/ Tracy Thomas, September, 2020

The Dirt Podcast: This is Anthropology 4 – Diversity and Anthropology in our Communities (with Alisha Winn). Dr. Winn’s  podcast interview with Anna and Amber on “The Dirt” through the American Anthropological Association :

Radio Guest

Storm of ’28 Coalition Event. Interview w/ Bishop Mayor Thomas A. Masters to discuss Hurricane Relief efforts and the Storm of ‘28 Memorial Park Coalition Marion Dozier. X102.3 Jams Radio. Sept. 2019

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Remembering Ira E. Harrison

Black Entrepreneurship: Contradictions, Class, and Capitalism:

Beyond the Business: Social and Cultural Aspects of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company (dissertation):

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PBA Intercultural Studies Faculty Member Teaching Anthropology